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Bio Green® USA, Inc.

Bio Green USA is the manufacturer and supplier of high performance environmentally responsible fertilizers. Each Bio Green® product is designed specifically for the growing demands of turf, shrubs, plants, trees and agriculture crops. Bio Green USA has been a leader in developing and manufacturing Soil Amending Fertilizers since its beginning in 2005. Their line of Natural Bio Based products are a complete macronutrient and micronutrient package for turf, bedding plants, trees, and shrubs. Bio Green’s liquid fertilizer, plant nutrients, and soil amendments are blended in their Greensboro, Georgia facility. Each product is blended to feed plants, improve soil fertility, and build topsoil.

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Bio Green®

Bio Green® Agriculture

At Bio Green USA, we believe that increased soil fertility and plant health result in better crops. That’s why we developed complete and simple to use fertilizer products for commercial agricultural use. Bio Green Ag™ products contain a complete nutritional package which facilitates strong plant growth and increased root mass and depth. This allows the natural interaction of the plant and soil environment to flourish, maximizing plant available nutrients.

One of the primary concerns is getting the most out of applied inputs. Our soil amending fertilizers are designed to not only enhance, but in some cases, to replace chemical fertilizers completely. By focusing on subsurface biomass through root enhancement, plants are able to process more water and nutrients more efficiently. The root structure then adds to the soil organic matter as they grow and die on regular intervals (typically summer and winter). These root growth cycles will add captured organic nitrogen, carbon, and substantial micronutrients to the soil profile for bacteria to convert into readily available nutrients for the plants to use.

Bio Green® Agriculture brand

Bio Green® Agriculture™

Bio Green® Lawn, Professional Turf, Lawn and Landscape

Bio Green® Lawn, Professional Turf, Lawn and Landscape Products

Concentrated and Ready-to-Use Soil Amending Fertilizers for Professional Use

Bio Green® fertilizer products have proven to be effective stand-alone, nutrient fertilizers, on turf and ornamentals, in areas where fertilization regulations have been implemented, and a high quality supplement to existing fertility programs. Each product is designed specifically for the growing demands of lawns, shrubs, trees, and ornamental plants. Bio Green’s® complete formulas ensure that plants get all that is needed to thrive during the growing season and soil organisms get all that is needed to build and maintain healthy topsoil.

Bio Green® products are environmentally friendly, river friendly and are child and pet safe fertilizers.

Bio Green® Product Portfolio

> Bio Green® Lawn and Landscape brand

> Bio Green® Golf brand

Bio Green® fertilizers

Bio Green® Business Model for License and Co-branding

Bio Green USA is the manufacturer and supplier of the environmentally responsible Bio Green™ fertilizers and Licensor of the Bio Green® Lawn Service brand business model for license and co-branding opportunities for individually-owned and operated lawn and landscape service companies located in the U.S. and Canada.

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For information on becoming a Spray Service Provider call 1-877-246-2406 ext. 103.

Bio Green USA: Bio Green Lawn and Landscape™ Brand

Bio Green® Professional Fertilization Services

Bio Green® Professional Fertilization Services

Healthy Lawns Start with Bio Green®.

For over 10 years, Bio Green® Licensed Service Providers have served their local communities by using biologically sound, environmentally safe fertilizers and using best management practices and improving the quality of soils, lawns, and landscapes across the country. Bio Green Licensees are individually-owned and operated lawn and landscape companies and are located in the United States and in Canada.

> For more information about Bio Green® fertilization services, visit Bio Green®.com

> Locate Your Local Service Provider Nationwide: Bio Green® Service Locator

Bio Green USA Lawn and Landscape brand

Subsidiary Company

Subsidiary Company

Greene County Fertilizer Company is a subsidiary company of Bio Green USA: > Greene County Fertilizer Company


Bio Green® Product Portfolio

The Bio Green® Business Model for License and Co-Branding

Learn more about Bio Green® products, branding and co-branding opportunities for green industry professionals.