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Bio Green Ag 20+MICROS™ 20-0-0.5 Fertilizer

Bio Green Ag 20+MICROS™ 20-0-0.5 Fertilizer

Bio Green Ag™ 20+MICROS™ is engineered to be a complete product for all varieties of row and forage crops. It is formulated to produce a quick green-up and growth response and facilitate the photosynthetic processes of the plants. Bio Green Ag 20+MICROS™ will produce a strong root mass which will grow deeply into the soil. It will stimulate soil activity necessary for building sustainable fertility.

Consult Bio Green’s “Application Rates and Time” for your growing season for application rate recommendations.

Bio Green USA products are for professional use only.

Manufactured and Guaranteed by Bio Green USA, Inc. • Greensboro, Georgia

Bio Green Ag 20+MICROS™ 20-0-0.5 Fertilizer
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  • 5 Gallon Bucket
  • 2.5 Gallon Bottle


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  • 20-0-0.5 Bio Green® Ag – Label
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At Bio Green USA, we believe that increased soil fertility and plant health result in better crops. That’s why we developed complete and simple to use fertilizer products for commercial agricultural use. Bio Green® Ag™ products contain a complete nutritional package which facilitates strong plant growth and increased root mass and depth. This allows the natural interaction of the plant and soil environment to flourish, maximizing plant available nutrients.

Bio Green® Soil Amending Fertilizers

One of the primary concerns is getting the most out of applied inputs. Our soil amending fertilizers are designed to not only enhance, but in some cases, to replace chemical fertilizers completely.

By focusing on subsurface biomass through root enhancement, plants are able to process more water and nutrients more efficiently. The root structure then adds to the soil organic matter as they grow and die on regular intervals (typically summer and winter).

These root growth cycles will add captured organic nitrogen, carbon, and substantial micronutrients to the soil profile for bacteria to convert into readily available nutrients for the plants to use.

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Bio Green USA is the manufacturer of high performance environmentally responsible fertilizers. Each Bio Green® product is designed specifically for the growing demands of turf, shrubs, plants, trees and agriculture crops.