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  • Field Technical Support Provided
  • On-site Technician Training Available
  • Program Planning, Support and More
  • Info: 1-877-246-2406, ext. 103




At Bio Green® USA, we view our Licensees as Strategic Partners and take their success seriously. We provide training on the use and application of our fertilizers and ongoing corporate support. As a Bio Green® Licensed Service Provider, you are a part of a team. Our network of Service Providers consists of horticultural and turf science professionals who are always willing to help each other.

Bio Green® USA manufactures a line of bio-based soil amending fertilizers that are produced for and applied by Bio Green® Licensed Service Providers – experienced lawn care professionals who know how to care for the health of lawns and landscapes. Our Service Providers receive at no cost:

  • Business Operational Resources & Corporate Support
  • Field Technical Resources and Support including Technician Training
  • Marketing Resources and Support
  • Access to a Peer Network of Lawn Care Professionals

Our corporate business model is rooted in the concept of “Pay it Forward.” Because we don’t charge fees or royalties, we only grow if our Bio Green® Licensed Service Providers grow. This creates a synergy between Bio Green® USA the fertilizer company, Bio Green® the Licensee Support entity, and the independent business owner.

3rd Monday Call-in

  • For Licensees and Technicians
  • 3rd Monday every month – 12 Noon ET
  • Led by John Perry, President/CEO Founder

A reminder with call-in instructions is emailed to all licensees each month. Info: 1-877-246-2406, ext. 107.

Licensee User's Group

  • Members Only Group for Licensees & Lead Techs
  • Technical Support
  • Peer Support
  • Info: 1-877-246-2406, ext. 107


  • We Direct Ship Anywhere in the U.S.
  • Orders Ship Within 2 Business Days.
  • LTL
  • Volume
  • Truck Load
  • Tanker
  • Intermodal
  • Shipping Info: 1-877-246-2406, ext. 103

Distribution Centers:

  • Greensboro, Georgia
  • Apopka, Florida
  • Salt Lake City, Utah

Show Schedule

  • GIE+EXPO, Louisville, KY – Oct. 2017
  • Real Green Solutions Conference, Tampa, FL -Jan, 2018
  • FPMA, Orlando, FL – Jan. 2018

Did you know?

Bio Green® Licensed Service Providers have access to a line of specialty fertility products. Contact your company representative to learn more.

Team Bio Green® eNews

  • Seasonal Features, Product Features & Updates, Special Offers
  • This is the designated communications tool to receive field updates and information.This monthly email connects Licensed Providers and their designated technicians and staff with handy tips, product information, information and more. Arrives via email around the 15th each month.


  • Lawncology® is a method of both diagnosing common problems and understanding common practices in lawn care. These methods convert over into all professional plant care methods including row crop agriculture, arbor care, food production and ornamental plant care. 
  • Lawncology® looks at our plants and soils, weeds and pests,  as a cohesive unit rather than separate areas of study. This polarity of the “health vs disease” mentality begins to melt into a singular understanding of one not existing without the other. 

  • About the Author: John Perry is President/CEO Founder of Greene County Fertilizer Company, Inc. and its parent company, Bio Green USA, Inc.


Licensee Resource Folder

  • Info: 1-877-246-2406, ext. 107

Bio Green USA is the manufacturer of high performance environmentally responsible fertilizers. Each Bio Green® product is designed specifically for the growing demands of turf, shrubs, plants, trees and agriculture crops.

With environmental issues in mind, Bio Green® was developed to serve communities with biologically sound, environmentally safe fertilizers that will improve the quality of soils, lawns, and landscapes across the country.